How can a blog help to market my financial services business?


Regardless of the size of your business,  blogging is a great way to connect with clients

According to software provider HubSpot, 60% of businesses that write a regular blog acquire more customers.

Whether you are giving your thoughts on the latest pension industry reform, or letting your clients know about upcoming changes to the tax regime, a blog is a fantastic marketing tool that can establish your company as a trusted expert while providing an ongoing go-to reference guide for your clients.

Here, we look at five ways in which a blog can help to market your business.


#1 Your blog promotes you as a thought leader

The finance sector is constantly changing. Whether you are calling for industry innovations yourself, or commenting on upcoming reforms, having a channel through which you can publish your thoughts will let your clients and peers see that you not only have a voice, but you are at the vanguard of change in the industry.

#2 Your blog gets your website seen

Regularly updating your website with unique content improves search engine optimisation (SEO). If you are regularly updating your blog with industry insight, it will help your business to appear higher in the search engine rankings when potential clients are using search terms related to your area of finance.

#3 Your blog solves specific business questions

Search engines are becoming ever more intelligent. Each year, Google makes 500 - 600 minor alterations, affecting how it searches for the most relevant content.

This is because it is attempting to answer specific questions, such as ‘how can a blog help to market my business?’, rather than searching for content that includes certain words. Solving specific business questions will help your business to rank higher in search results.

#4 Your blog creates shareable content

If you are creating content that solves specific questions, whether that is ‘how can a blog help to market my business?’ or ‘how will tax reforms affect my business?’, then readers are likely to share that content with peers who they believe will benefit from what you have written.

Not only will it mean that more people will hear about your business, it will also improve your website’s SEO.

#5 Your blog brings in more business

While it’s nice to improve your company’s profile, the end result is that you want more business. As explained above, writing a regular blog will help potential customers to find your website more easily.

According to Search Engine Journal, customers who find you through a generic search are more likely to use your business (14.6%) than those who found you as a result of a direct mail or print advertising campaign (1.7%).

How we can help

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