Seven great ideas to rejuvenate your finance blog

Finance blog

How can you wow your readers when the well of creativity has run dry?

Coming up with regular ideas for your finance blog can be a challenge, particularly if you have been writing it for a long period of time. You’ve exhausted responses to the most frequently asked questions you’re asked by your clients and you’re not getting inspiration from your competitors’ blogs, so what next?

Here, we look at seven ideas to help freshen up your financial services blog.

 #1 Report from a conference

The financial services industry loves a good conference so the chances are that you or someone else in your organisation will attend several during the year. Giving an overview, or concentrating on one specific aspect, of a conference in your blog is a great way to show your clients that you are keeping up with the latest industry thinking.

Perhaps two separate seminars at two separate conferences gave conflicting views on a given subject – who do you agree with and why?

#2 Talk about trends

Regardless of your area of financial services, there is always regular data being published from a variety of sources. This can be used to give your thoughts on industry trends.

Whether there has been an increase in emerging-market equity investment or sudden growth for SMEs in a specific sector, blog about why you think this is and whether you believe it is going to be a long-term trend.

 #3 Fix a problem

Every so often, you may have a client that has very specific needs. Perhaps they run a niche business that you have never come across before or they have unique tax and advisory requirements.

This client may become a major headache but once you have got to grips with their issues, why not write a blog telling other clients how you successfully tackled an area that was new to you?

#4 Go behind the scenes

One of the main reasons for writing a blog is to give clients and customers a more human view of your organisation. A good way to emphasise this is to write a blog about your office environment and the people who work there, which can help to change the perception of your business

Does the actuarial team have regular karaoke nights? Are the risk management team the most feared five-a-side team in the area? We want to know more!

#5 Relate to wider popular culture

Financial services can often be seen as a niche subject that some find difficult to relate to. Relating a subject to wider popular culture can help subjects to become more accessible, however.

The problems faced by football club Manchester United when replacing Sir Alex Ferguson could easily be drawn into a post about the importance of succession planning. Yet another reality TV or soap star losing the shirt off their back lends itself to a blog on how to efficiently structure debt or stave off bankruptcy.

#6 Repost or refresh a blog, particularly if you were right

If you wrote a blog in the past that has again become relevant, then don’t be afraid to refresh it – even if the introduction is one sentence explaining why you feel it has again become relevant.

That post you wrote about the importance of succession planning when David Moyes was appointed as manager of Manchester United becomes even more relevant when he’s fired.

 #7 Be angry, but admit you were wrong

Continuous changes made by the government mean that there is bound to be a new mandate that you do not agree with. If you think that changes to the pension regime mean that first-time buyers will be pushed out of the property market, then say so.

And if six months down the line you have been proved wrong, don’t be afraid to say so with another blog entry.

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