White papers

A well written, thoroughly researched white paper can establish you as a leader in your field

Producing a white paper requires significant research skills in addition to copywriting expertise

From identifying potential themes for a white paper and preparing research questions, to advising on design and format, and writing the paper itself, we can help you to stand out from your competitors.

What is a white paper?

Essentially a white paper is an in-depth report that aims to educate the reader on a specific subject. It will often be heavily research-based and either demystify a complex subject, identify a solution to a historic problem, or examine a new trend and the opportunities associated with it. Rather than trying to push a particular product or service, a white paper gives a balanced, academic view on a problem or topic while subtly suggesting that your business has expertise in this area. White papers could be an invaluable part of your content marketing strategy, since they are a good way to showcase skills, generate press coverage and attract new customers.

What should be included in a white paper?

As a white paper is a lot more in-depth than an article or blog, much more information can be contained within it. Whether you carry out your own research involving data, case studies or expert comment, or draw on more generic industry research and data, white papers give you the scope to delve into the minutiae of a subject. A white paper is a great way to show off your knowledge, but you will want it to be credible. So you need to ensure that the information it contains is relevant, and that it is well written and fully referenced.

How Love Letters can help

Love Letters has many years’ experience of writing content for the financial services industry. So we are well placed to take you through the entire process of putting together an informative white paper. This can include identifying a strong theme to base the white paper around, devising research questions, undertaking the research, identifying and interviewing industry experts (whether that’s a member of your company or an impartial organisation), and writing of the paper itself. If you would like to know more about our white paper service, then please contact us for further information.

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