Article writing

Are you looking for unique online or print articles to showcase your business at its best?

We can write compelling articles either online or in print that will keep your potential clients intrigued

Articles are an effective way to get your business message heard. The Love Letters team has a background in journalism, meaning an engaging article is always at our fingertips, ready to help boost your business and inspire your audience.

Writing articles to engage your audience

Sharing informative and entertaining articles with your business audience is one way of reaching out to your client base both online and through more traditional print media. Offering interesting content in the form of articles is an important part of a business content marketing strategy. Articles can cover any topic, from professional advice to fun facts, and are a great way of creating a unique personality for your company.

A background writing journalistic articles

At Love Letters, our journalism background means we are experienced in creating exciting articles on a wide range of subjects, which can be tailor-made to suit your individual business style. When writing an article, we can find an original angle that will help to put your business firmly on the map.

Articles can be informative and entertaining

Whether you want an article that informs and educates your audience about aspects of your industry, are looking for a well-written article that shows off your business services, or just want some engaging and entertaining content to draw in a broader client base, we can write articles that will wow your audience and sprinkle a little magic word dust your way.

We write articles for publication online or in print

Articles can be distributed online through your business blog, make up part of your online portfolio or become a feature of your company’s news page. Links to online articles can be sent to your customer base through regular e-newsletters or be used as part of a wider e-content marketing strategy. Alternatively, we can write articles for print media, which you can publish as part of your business brochure, pamphlet or magazine.

Make an impact with your articles

Good article writing is an art and our team's journalism experience means we know what works out in the real world and also know how to maximise the impact of an article. We want to share our writing skills to help you to transform your business content with our tried and tested article-writing style. Get everyone talking and make sure that articles become a mainstay of your content marketing plan. Contact us to find out more about our article writing service.

To see examples of our article writing, see our portfolio page or check out our articles ‘The importance of high-quality and original online content’ and ‘Top ten team building adventures abroad.’

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