Seven ways that Strictly Come Dancing can inspire your content marketing

Strictly Come Dancing

Tango your way to top content with our seven Strictly-inspired content marketing tips

Strictly Come Dancing, the BBC’s juggernaut celebrity dance show, is back on our screens with a sequin-and-sparkle fest that will dazzle your eyes and get your toes tapping! At first glance, there may not appear to be too many similarities between the world of content marketing and the spangled delights of the Strictly-sphere but it turns out dancing and marketing might not be that different after all.

There might be fewer sequins and fake tans, but content marketing is still pretty showbiz. As it gears up for a new series, here are ‘SE-VEN’ content marketing tips inspired by Strictly Come Dancing

#1 It’s all about the sparkle

Strictly Come Dancing is all about the sequins and the sparkle, saturating Saturday nights with an overdose of diamante-encrusted dresses and dazzling suits. Content marketers would do well to pay attention to the lure of the sparkly stuff, and add a little extra salsa-inspired shine to their content marketing strategy.

They say the devil is in the detail, so make sure your content marketing has that extra something that makes it both eye-catching and exciting. It’s time to strut your stuff!

#2 Graft hard until your feet hurt

Among all the fun and frivolity of the Strictly dancefloor on a Saturday night, the behind-the-scenes training footage shows just how hard the dancers work to put on a good show. Your content marketing strategy requires an equal amount of hard graft, dedication and practice, so take a leaf out of the Strictly contestant’s book and get grafting.

The final results will be worth it! You might even get a ‘SE-VEN’ from Len.

#3 Work as part of a team

The dance partnerships on Strictly Come Dancing are the stuff of legend, and the group dances also thrive on the interaction between the contestants. Great teamwork is key to going further in the Strictly competition, but it is just as crucial to have a strong content marketing team you can trust.

Working together, you can co-ordinate a stand-out campaign and help to inspire and support each other, just as if you were shaking your stuff to a samba on the dancefloor.

#4 If you can’t make it, fake it

The Strictly Come Dancing contestants frequently make mistakes, and content marketing is also not an exact art. There is a certain amount of trial-and-error involved in both the discipline of dance and the discipline of content marketing.

You’re bound to get it wrong sometimes, but cover up your shaky footwork with a smile and don’t lose momentum. Sell it right and you can come back from a content marketing mistake covered in glory. Set up those Strictly-inspired smoke and mirrors!

#5 Put on a show-stopping display

From the very first Strictly show there are usually a few contestants who make a great first impression and really stand out from the crowd. In the world of content marketing, you need to rise above the rest and become the cream of the crop if you want to get noticed.

Practise some fancy content footwork, throw everything you’ve got into it and be ambitious. You can soon come top on the scoreboard with a show-stopping display of your content marketing talents.

#6 Win over your audience

As series after series of Strictly Come Dancing has shown, being technically perfect is not enough to guarantee your place on the show. The Strictly contestants who leave a lasting impression and are loved by the public are the ones who show off their personality and really connect with their audience.

Content marketing is not a formula. You need to display dynamic ideas and an individual personality.

If you are able to talk your readers’ language, you will really engage your audience and get them rooting for you to succeed.

#7 Don’t forget to have fun!

Content marketing can be a serious business, but jump on board the Strictly Come Dancing bandwagon to give your content marketing strategy that Strictly pizazz! Add a few kicks and flicks to your content strategy.

Show a bit of flair. Give your audience some frills and frivolity. Be flamboyant. And above all, don’t forget to have some fun with your content.

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