Marketing is dead, long live content marketing!

Is marketing dead

Marketing is all about sell, sell, sell, right?

Wrong! According to the CEO of one the USA’s largest PR firms, traditional marketing has had its day…

Broken or just re-booting?

Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman Public Relations in the US, has boldly stated that traditional marketing methods are “a short-term and broken model".

No longer does the hard sell hold sway. The diversity of goods and services on offer on the internet has made consumers increasingly demanding, and rightly so. Is marketing really broken? And is it too late to come back from the brink?

Is marketing doomed?

It is no longer good enough to set out your stall in the hope that the audience will come gratefully crawling to snap up your services.

Despite there being a staggering 5.7 trillion ads online per year, 99.9% of internet users ignore them. Does this mean the end of marketing or is there a way in which marketing can re-invent itself for the 21st Century?

The answer to your marketing prayers

Has marketing fallen out of fashion forever or can it rally round and become cutting-edge again? When wooing potential clients, you can’t just put your services under their noses and expect them to bite.

Clients now expect something in return, and high-quality content is the answer to all your marketing prayers.

Can content marketing save the day?

Edelman states that the future of marketing is communications-based, and if companies wish to build meaningful, lasting and loyal relationships with potential customers then the reader must be considered king.


Publishing informative, entertaining and useful content should become an end in itself. It’s a slow-build policy, but one that promises long-term success rather than the flash-in-the-pan sales tactics beloved of traditional marketing. The ultimate aim is that successful content marketing will convert to dazzling sales statistics in the future.

Tell me a story…

The glut of content on the internet means that putting in place an effective content marketing strategy is crucial if you want your company to sparkle online.

Edelman says that “substantive storytelling” is the vital ingredient in any content marketing strategy. Content should be both useful to the reader and emotionally compelling. It should have a human interest element and should also be factually sound.

Your company’s road to success needs to be paved with stories, so take time and invest in writing quality content. If you focus on content not click-rates, marketing might just bounce back to become bigger and better than ever before.

The ‘phoenix’ marketing model

If Edelman is right and traditional marketing methods are taking their last gasp, content marketing could breathe new life into a tired industry. By all means, keep posting those online ads, but don’t ignore the importance of content and risk being thrown out with the marketing dead wood.

Stay on trend and adopt our 'Phoenix' content marketing model for your business. Sit back and watch marketing rise like a phoenix from the ashes, with ‘content’ written on its wings.

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