Why good financial copywriting is a great financial investment

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You shouldn’t judge financial copywriting purely on cost

In any competitive marketplace you will find a range of prices for – what on the face of it – appears to be the same service. However you soon find that the level of expertise is represented by what you pay.

Financial copywriting is no different, so don’t be tempted to scrimp on the cost and receive a poor standard of copy.

Finding a financial copywriter

If you want to give your website a bit of an overhaul, or you are planning a blog campaign or a series of white papers, you will probably start off by Googling the term ‘financial copywriter’. This will bring up a list of copywriters. Some of them might actually be pretty good.

But not all of them will have specific financial copywriting experience. They have just managed to optimise their website or have paid for a Google campaign to catch any queries relating to the generic term ‘copywriting’.

Your next step is to email these ‘financial’ copywriters to get a quote for their services. You will receive a flurry of emails from copywriters eager for your business.

But why are some ‘financial copywriters’ charging more than other financial ‘copywriters’?

Financial copywriting is a specialist skill

With copywriting – as with everything else in life – you get what you pay for. Financial copywriting is actually an area of niche expertise – financial copywriters have usually honed their craft over many years and they will have experience of working with some of the biggest financial brands in the business.

You won’t need to hold their hand in the way that you would with a copywriter who lacks experience of the financial services industry. Instead, you will be able to brief them and let them get on with it.

And the good news is that you don’t even have to pay a fortune to secure the services of a good financial copywriter; you just need to pay them what they are worth. Your time is too precious to waste on unpicking the work of a poor copywriter. In the long run, you will save yourself both time and money if you hire a financial copywriter who is more likely to get it right (or nearly right) first time.

Paying for financial copywriting knowledge

When you are assessing quotes, it is easy to think that you should compare them based on the word count of the financial copywriting required. What you are actually paying for is financial expertise, however. There is nothing worse than for a client to receive the ‘final’ copy, only to discover that it does not meet the required standard.

Only then do you discover that the financial ‘copywriter’ does not fully understand your business.

So you have to spend extra time explaining what, to you, are simple financial concepts but to a less experienced financial copywriter are really quite complex ideas. Both you and the copywriter have wasted time while the copywriter is demotivated and will either want to charge you more for extra copy or will rush the second, ‘final’ draft because they have not properly scheduled for a full rewrite.

What your website copy says about you

Good copywriting is important for any financial services business because it conveys a huge amount about your business – what it stands for, whether the owners are prepared to invest in it, what their attention to detail is like, how much they value communication with customers, and so on.

Indeed, given what you say about your business through your website and your marketing material is one of the most important ways in which you communicate with your potential customers, you could say that copywriting is one of the most significant investments that you will ever make.

Nothing undermines a business like a website that looks like it has been cobbled together, with copy that is full of jargon and riddled with spelling mistakes.

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